Marakbiz, LLC (in partnership with Carmen Cavolo of Excent - Frontline Education) is excited to bring you the simple software solution your students and parents have been waiting for!  Online, interactive, peer mentor avatars teach self-determination, how to discover unique talents and passions for future career and teach student to set their own Post-Secondary goals and learn accountability as they take responsibility for their education and their future career choices.  Data from the middle school pilot program showed remarkable growth on state testing one year later (which was a welcome surprise result of the MGP program).  MGP was the ONLY different variable in the student curriculum that could have had the impact on state testing.  Teacher and student testimonials are available.

Indicator 1  - Graduation
Indicator 2 – Dropout
Indicator 8 – Parent Participation
Indicator 13 – Secondary Transition
Indicator 14 – Post School Outcomes

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  1. critical job requirements? 
  2. needed training and costs?
  3. salary, wages, benefits? 

Student / Parent Planning Packets©


  • Middle School Packet
  • 9th  - 12th grade level specific student/parent packets
  • Intellectual Disabilities - for more severely challenged student/parent packet
  • Optional Elementary Parent Packet for students with more severe challenges 

1. Can you assure that both new and tenured staff provide information that is:

  • consistent – individualized yet coordinated across all campuses and grade levels?
  • progressive from grade level to grade level toward exit?
  • specific to the student’s disability and needs?

2. Do students in your district know how to:

  • research careers to determine:  


    • ask agency providers (state/local) the appropriate questions so they receive the services needed?
    • complete realistic timeline to accomplish all preparation for exit?
    • find the resources for money to pay for education or training?
    • research military careers and prepare for the ASVAB?
    • assure they have college testing accommodations?

    3. Do you provide families of students with more severe disabilities information on:

    • guardianship 
    • SSI programs/Medicaid; HCS/CLASS 
    • Special Needs Trusts
    • medical services available
    • occupational/supported employment services
    • maintaining an adult student at home
    • applying for agency services now because some wait lists are 10 years!

    The continuity provided by the Transition Planning Packets assists your staff with all of the above and will have your parents saying thank you!
    Cost: based on size of district special education population: $750.00 per 1000 special education students for initial first time purchase.
    You get:  Printed / Tabbed packets;  CD or zip file;  you can reprint as many packets as you wish.

    Cost:  for updated CD after original purchase if you choose to purchase:  $300.00 per 1000 special education students

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